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About GeFam
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The Family and Gender Economics Study Group (GeFam) was founded in May 2019 with the mission of bringing together researchers from different institutions working in the fields of Family and Gender Economics. GeFam’s researchers develop both theoretical and empirical analysis on the subject.


The formation of the family, the way its members take their decisions and gender asymmetries affect aspects such as consumption, human capital accumulation, education, population dynamics, labor market, income distribution among others. Therefore, these are themes with great potential for research and with interconnections with many other fields of Economics, such as Labor Economics, Education Economics, Health Economics, and Demography Economics.


GeFam intends to contribute to foster research and dissemination of Family and Gender Economics in Brazil, supporting the development of young researchers. Through the results of its studies, the group also intends to subsidize the formulation of public policies that contributes to reduce socioeconomic inequalities that derive from gender disparities and differences between family members.

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