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Maria Oaquim

maria oquim.jpeg

Maria holds a degree and MA in Economics from PUC-Rio. Currently, she is a PhD student at Princeton University. Her research area is Labor Economics, Development Economics and Inequality, with a focus on Gender Inequality. She is an associate at RioMais, a project focused on evidence-based public policy for the city of Rio de Janeiro. Maria is one of the authors of the chapter " Políticas de Gênero " in the book"Maravilhosa para Todos: Políticas Públicas para ao Rio de Janeiro". In addition, she is one of the authors of the chapter "Sobre discriminação no mercado de trabalho e desafios da Ciência Econômica" of the book "Igual-Desigual: História e Economia das Desigualdades Antes, Durante e Após a Pandemia".

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