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September 26-28, 2024  - Insper


  • Registration will be open for panelists until 07/31/2024

  • Authors with accepted papers who do not pay the registration fee until 07/31/2024 will not have their papers included in the conference program.

  • Registration for attendees will be open until 09/28/2024

  • The event will be held in São Paulo - Brazil at Insper (Av. Quatá, 300 - Vila Olímpia, São Paulo)

  • We kindly ask you to carefully review the information in the registration form since it will be used in all official documents of the event. 

  • If you have further questions please send us an email:

  • By registering for the conference, you will automatically become a member of the Society of Family and Gender Economics for one year.

  • We will draw one Stata license for all undergraduate and postgraduate students attending the event on Saturday.

Registration Fee (including lunch, conference party, and GeFam membership)


Until August 30th

Professionals and Professors:​​

  • R$ 700,00 (around US$ 127.00)

  • Special rates for residents in Brazil: R$ 500,00

Students (Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD students):

  • R$ 400,00 (around US$ 72.00)

  • Special rates for students in Brazil (*): R$ 250,00


REPP (Brazilian Black Economists Network) Special Rate:

  • R$ 125,00

After September 1st

Professionals and Professors:​​

  • R$ 840,00 (around US$ 150.00)

  • Special rates for residents in Brazil: R$ 600,00

Students (Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD students):

  • R$ 480,00 (around US$ 86.00)

  • Special rates for students in Brazil (*): R$ 300,00


REPP (Brazilian Black Economists Network) Special Rate:

  • R$ 160,00

*Undergraduate or graduate students at Brazilian universities need to send proof of enrollment.

Payments for foreign registrations will be accepted exclusively through the PayPal platform.

Lunch will be offered at Insper.

São Paulo is the largest metropolis in Brazil and one of the largest in the world, with a population made up of almost 12 million inhabitants. It unites culture and diversity in most varied attractions, being a city that never sleeps. During the period of the event (September/2023), we will be at the beginning of spring, where we can expect pleasant temperatures between 18º and 31ºC and dry weather. The electrical voltage in the city is 127V and follows the Brazilian standard of a 3-pin socket (NBR 14136).


How to Get to São Paulo


São Paulo has two main airports: Congonhas Airport / CGH - located in the south zone of the city, approximately 8 km from downtown and 6 km from Insper and the Guarulhos International Airport / GRU - located in the city of Guarulhos, approximately 25km from São Paulo’s downtown and 38km from Insper.


In addition to the airports, São Paulo has some bus terminals, Tietê being the main one. Located in the north zone, it is approximately 6 km from downtown and 14 km from Insper.


For those arriving by car, the main accesses to the city of São Paulo are: Anchieta (SP-150) and Imigrantes (SP-160), connecting with Port of Santos; Bandeirantes (SP-348), that connects São Paulo to the city of Campinas; Castelo Branco (SP-280), that intersects several cities of the state of São Paulo; Anhanguera (SP-330), for those who comes from Uberlândia and the Federal District; Fernão Dias (BR-381), that connects São Paulo and Minas Gerais states; Ayrton Senna (SP-070) and Presidente Dutra (BR-116), connecting to Rio de Janeiro; and Régis Bittencourt (BR-116), that goes to the South region of Brazil.

Security Tips

Like many metropolises and tourist cities, São Paulo is not the most peaceful place in the world in regards to security. So watch your step. Do not carry jewelry or objects that may attract attention, do not leave your purse unattended and carry it next to your body, avoid leaving your wallet in your pocket, especially in crowded areas (there are many pickpockets) and avoid using your cell phone unnecessarily, paying close attention to your surroundings. Never throw caution to the wind.

Visa information

Visa required


Please check if your country requires a visa to enter Brazil.


If you have any further questions, kindly contact the local organizers via


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